Weldon Spring Real Estate

    One of the most exciting places in the USA to live boasts of activities all year around. But that’s not all it has to offer. Some of the most beautiful scenery you will ever lay your eyes on can be found in Weldon Springs. With natural sites as well as parks developed by its citizens, there is always a place for a lazy stroll with your significant other. Or perhaps you just wish to escape from the noise of the crowds and drink in the sounds of solitude. 

    The residents of this fine city are entrenched in history, beautiful countryside colors, camping sites, and even an amphitheater or two. Weldon Springs is close enough to St. Louis to be considered a suburb, yet far enough away to launch you into a peaceful time era when the most important aspect of life was to get along with nature. It is this heritage that brings people to Weldon Springs and it is probably this heritage that compels people to call it home. Imagine the idea of being able to defuse the day by hiking on the trail taken by Clark during his expedition. Only a short five miles and a couple of hours later and you are relaxed enough to head home and invite the evening in to share its benefits with you. Is this something you wish you had right now?

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