Get Tech Savvy

    How adding small tech savvy updates to your home entices potential buyers

    In today’s real estate market, every little bit counts. In the era of HGTV and Pinterest, a potential buyer walking through your home likely has a whole set of expectations and a mile-long wish list already in place. There are some very simple, affordable options that you can easily add that will set your home apart and indicate to buyers that you have taken extra care on your home in all the ways that count


    Remote/Smart Security Locks

    You know the scene: you are walking into your house with 12 grocery bags slung over your arms and your keys are in your bag. But what if your house just automatically knew you were home and welcomed you in by unlocking the door for you? Who wouldn’t want this kind of technology? New devices allow homeowners the convenience of geofencing technology, Siri, Alexa or Smartphone controlled locks, and security alerts. You receive an alert when your door is ajar or lock isn’t fully engaged, for example.

    Try: August Smart Lock Pro + Connect: Buy it here


    Smart Thermostats

    There’s no way you haven’t see one of these, yet. Smart home temperature control devices are all the rage and a favorite among practical, eco-conscious and cost-concerned homeowners. These devices are Wi-Fi enabled and literally learn your temperatures preferences over time. Not only does it add convenience to a homeowner, but it saves on energy use/cost. Can be controlled with Alexa/Google Home devices.

    Try: Nest Learning Thermostat: Buy it here


    Smart Sprinkler Control

    For a busy, modern individual, lawn maintenance is usually not a priority. That’s not to say that we don’t care about curb appeal, it’s just that it gets pushed to the weekend, and then the weekend is just as full as the week. For a potential homeowner that is on the go all the time, the ease of controlling your sprinkler system from your cell phone is an extremely attractive feature. Additionally, these Smart systems know when to accommodate for weather. No more wasting water when it’s going to rain later anyways.

    Try: Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller: Buy it here


    Be sure the ask your Kathy Helbig Group real estate advisor which devices would best improve your home. Experience Realty Partners agents are trained to spot “the weak link” in your home, and prepare it to compete in a competitive market.




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